One Perfect Day in Wicker Park

One Perfect Day in Wicker Park

How do you start the perfect day in a spirit of fun?

Big Star Brunch

Tacos for breakfast? I don’t know how else my morning could start. Enjoy the sun outside on the patio, eat tacos at 9 AM and people watch… it’s the best!

Myopic Bookstore

Walking through historic Milwaukee & North Street, I head over to the vintage shopping area. It’s an excellent balance between price and quality! Experience how books can smell of adventures and history in this freaky bookstore.

Mindy’s Hot Chocolate



I’m already in line, though Mindy’s hasn’t opened, and I stand outside smelling chocolate in the air. Just have a seat and order the highlight of their menu-dark chocolate cocoa with homemade marshmallows.

En Hakkore 2.0

Stopping here is a must. The sushi burrito is just something new, fresh and tasty.
Cheap and ideal to take away if you are in a hurry!


Take a deep breath and prepare yourself to see one of the sexiest burlesque shows in town.
Go back in time to 1920 France…the atmosphere is magical!
I order my favorite cocktail, “Prom Queen,” and I let myself be seduced by the coolest speakeasy in town.
I dare you to find the entrance door and…let the show begin!

See you for the next perfect day in town!


Photo Credits:

Big Star Photo : @fabulous_foodiess on Instagram

Myopic Bookstore :@meredithplayground on Instagram

Mindy’s Hot Chocolate : @chelsias on Instagram

En Hakkore 2.0 :@nomxnomxno on Instagram

Bordel : @thinkuniquechicago

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